Our full suite of custom services


We provide a service that can reduce breakdown time and cost by repairing / providing solutions locally with a faster turn around time than ordering new /replacement parts from the original manufacturer.

Machining, Engineering, and Repairs

  • As a ‘Jobbing’ workshop our range of work is extremely broad.
  • From designing and building custom agricultural machinery, repairing heavy earth moving and drilling equipment to machining the smallest of parts for your carburetor or push bike.
  • Our workshop allows us to do our favorite thing, fix it!

Design and Build

  • Utilising SOLID WORKS 3-dimensional drafting software, enables all projects to be be fully designed and theoretically operating for you to see on screen before any physical works take place.
  • CMW brings your ideas to life or resolves your problems, developing machinery or mechanical devices to suit your needs.
  • From simple sketches or discussions, Coventry Machine Works can convert your idea into reality.

Mobile Line Boring – Kimberley and Beyond

  • Coventry Machine works Mobile Line service, offers the broadest range of line boring capabilities in the North of WA.
  • Servicing Broome to Katherine in the NT Utilising SPR York Mobile Machine Tools our mobile service unit contains:
    • Both a 10HP Hydraulic Drive unit and a 2HP electric drive unit.
    • Two fully functional bore welding units including, ID, OD, and Face welding.
    • Through bar measuring tools for accurate bore measuring.
    • Extensive boring bar range both 1 ¼” Diameter and 2” Diameter Bars.
      • 2” Boring Bars from 600mm to 3000mm.
      • 1 ¼” Boring Bars from 1500mm to 2100mm.
    • Hydraulic circlip groove cutting tool.
    • Pin lancing equipment.
    • The offset drive system allows for remote setup of the bar drive for those limited access areas, reducing the amount of strip-down required on machines.
    • Liquid nitrogen if required.
    • All our line boring drives and robotic welders are remote driven for safe and efficient operation.

Line boring involves the process of reclaiming pin / bushing bores, usually on large mechanical equipment, back to OEM specification.


Our experienced line borer will set up on your machine at your location and using specialised machine tools, machine the damaged bores concentric and oversize in order to pad weld using an automatic ID welder making the hole smaller than the original. This can then be finish machined back to a specified size, providing the correct amount of interference or clearance on pins or bushes.


Coventry Machine Works understands the importance of minimising downtime and the logistical challenges in getting machines repaired in this remote area of Australia. With our mobile line boring capabilities, we will get your machine ready to re-assemble and back to operation as soon as possible.

CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Automated metal cutting has changed the game in metal fabrication, design, and artwork.
  • Repeatable professional parts can be cut from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum from 0.5mm to 32mm thick.
  • This allows parts to remain on file for future requirements and can be reproduced with identical features.
    • Coventry Machine Works plasma cutting services include:
      • Custom artworks
      • Commercial and private signage
      • Single piece cattle brands
      • Industrial works – cleats and plates
      • Fire pits
      • Machine components

Caravan and Camper Trailer Repairs

  • Licensed vehicle repairer.
  • Suspension system repairs and rebuilds.
  • Axle replacement and repair.
  • Wheel bearing and brake service.
  • General safety checks.
    • ‘Gibb it to us, we’ll fix it for you’
    • Doing the Gibb? See us First!

Specialist and Custom Services

  • Flywheel Grinding
  • Boat Code Provider
  • Type 2 Child Restraint Fitting Station
  • Dog Bones
  • Conveyors
  • Stainless Hoppers
  • Corn Bunker and Bucket
  • Scrubber Bar
  • Bay Drive Gates
  • Dethridge Wheels
  • Prob Shafts
  • Headstocks
  • Cattle Brands