2018 july 377

In-House – Mechanical ‘Poddy Calf’

  • Built for personal use and donated to KRCA for training purposes.

Red Range Stock Feed Supplements

  • Crushing and mixing stock feeds.
Hydraulic Component repair - 01

Fencing Contractors

  • Portable fencing rail press.

Sign Works

  • Various sign works for Oms Sign, Apex Barra Bash, Fitness Park, ORDCO, Guymer, Pffoertje, Ord River Rum.
Picture 1

Forestry Industry

  • Stump corer – in development, for hire to assist in commercial tree stump removal.

HMEC Broome

  • Line Boring 250 Tonne Excavator.
  • Boom, Stick, H-links, Car body.

Bothkamp Australia

  • Fruit picking trailers and harvest aids were required to reduce damaged fruit and minimise handling from paddock to delivery off the farm.
  • Fruit picking trailers were developed with custom conveyors, electric/ hydraulic speed control, removeable picking booms, safety stop features and shade.